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Blackhorn HC

The fire got to us many times before we menaged to down this one, but once we did, farm was cake. GJ guildies!

Posted by: Gromghul on: 25-06-2012 18:14:58
Hagara 5/8 hc

After two progress raids in which we came fairly close to down this awesome shaman, we managed to easilly kill her off using two resto druids. Tranq ftw! With Hagara being on farm we can finally move on to Blackhorn hc.

Posted by: Gromghul on: 23-02-2012 12:29:01
4/8 hc

With the 5% nerf coming up we decided to leave hagara be and kill ultraxxion. Turned out te be a good desission with him dead within 1.5 hours. GJ chaos theory!

Posted by: gromghul on: 22-02-2012 22:17:01
3/8 hc

After the struggle we had on yor'sajh, zon'ozz went down easilly with a DK tank and 2 progress raids.

Vid to be made soon as we failed on screenshots:D

Posted by: gromghul on: 22-02-2012 22:14:11
Dragonsoul 2/8 HC

Way too easy with a DK tank.

Posted by: zyva on: 26-01-2012 18:15:04
Zithe pwns it!

Again, nerf made it self noticable, not only did we clear all our "farm" hc bosses, but we also downed Beth'tilac in about 1 hours worth of practice, putting us on 6/7 now. Ragnaros, here we come!

Posted by: bigboss on: 28-09-2011 23:02:15

As we all know, Firelands got hit by the nerfbat, which had quite a bittersweet feeling to it. It did result in us getting 2 HC progression bosses down, but also made everything feel abit.. Too easy, rendering most encounters in Firelands (the ones we know) very boring. Overall it's been looking up for us, with now only Beth'tilac and Raggy HC left to kill.

On another note, we have lost our priest this week due to.. Well, quite frankly, I dont know, but fact of the matter is that we are now missing a disc/shadowpriest, which means we will start looking for a new one. If anyone has one in mind that would fit our guild, please contact an officer, and/or have him make an application on the forums. For now, we're all keeping our eyes open.

Posted by: bigboss on: 26-09-2011 13:01:42
Majordomo? More like Slayed-you-Domo! [3/7] HC

After what is, according to statistics, few attempts on a heroic boss, we managed to make Majordomo our biatch, thus putting us at 3/7 HC, and 10th on guildprogress of the server. Once again proving our worth, and learning yet another fight with very little struggle. A well executed kill by all involved, even though it did take us a few tries to get right. 

Posted by: bigboss on: 05-09-2011 02:55:38
Stop oversteering! [2/7HC]

Despite alot of whiping, oversteering and general disaggrement of tactics, Lord Rhyolith finally met his demise and joined Shannox in the afterlife. Very well executed (atleast on the kill) Kill movie will be incoming soon!




Posted by: bigboss on: 25-08-2011 02:40:00
Shannox lost his spear [1/7] HC

All in all a rather easy boss which cost us hardly any effort 


Posted by: Blissful on: 03-08-2011 23:51:31
Tier 11 Recap


I hope you will enjoy it as much as I had making this video. It might not be perfect but it is meant to be good for the guildies.

It has been a long struggle for us ever since the guild started up. A lot of set-backs and a lot of victories made us bond properly. We nowadays have a solid guild raid core in which everyone represents a different person. We no longer have to stack three paladins and four shamans to get the raid going and down Nefarian. Also a big welcome to our couple of new members who we have been sharing a lot together and they are becoming a close part of the group as well


I have to say I have never been in a guild which is this close with one another. 

Call me a softy but I luv you guys!

Great job and we'll see you people at our one year anniversary!

Posted by: Blissful on: 03-08-2011 23:49:46
Ragnaros down (again) [7/7]

The tiring old still legless creep haunted us for longer then we expected and took us a record breaking amount of tries.

Everyone in the guild contributed and worked hard to make this kill happen. Let's enjoy the spoils now.

Posted by: Blissful on: 26-07-2011 00:31:05
Domo transforms into graveworm [6/7]

After only a single hour this boss bit the dust. In our opinion the boss was really easy

Posted by: blissful on: 14-07-2011 18:36:14
Alysrazor has no more airtime [5/7]

One hour of wiping at the end of the evening and then the first real try the next day. Good game!

Posted by: blissful on: 07-07-2011 20:49:20
The success continues!


Very well executed by all involved, downing another 2 bosses this Sunday, making sure we keep up with the higher guilds, and putting us on 4/7 bosses down. Lets hope the fortune continues on the upcoming raids!

Lord Rhyolith


Posted by: Bigboss on: 04-07-2011 17:53:06
Firelands under way [1/7]

We had a great start of a tier once again. Clearing Shannox and practically downing Beth'tilac in the same night. We have many new people with many talents in many trees so lets see what we can do with it tonight.

Posted by: blissful on: 30-06-2011 12:06:57
Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions! [5/13]

We forgot to make a videoclip of it but rest assured recordings will come back sooner or later. Now say hello to our new druid tank (slayer of stupid .... etc.):

Posted by: blissful on: 13-06-2011 12:00:12
Atramedes heroic down! [4/13] HC

Bit late on the posting but the server pc with the screens/movie was in the middle of a move. We killed the boss a while ago and the movie is a tad boring but I hope you will enjoy it anyway!



Posted by: Blissful on: 11-05-2011 00:36:22
Magmaw is spiked! [3/13] hc

Took a while for us to get another boss down. We were getting Atramedes under control while all of a suddon a completely and utterly bugged boss fight forced us to switch to a new boss while Atramedes was still protected by his overpowered bugbarrier. Took us three progress nights but we can now rest easily with the new boss down.

 Magmaw heroic

Posted by: blissful on: 11-04-2011 01:52:20
Chimaeron goes QQ [2/13]

After quite some nights of hard progression we showed him who is the true boss


Posted by: blissful on: 17-03-2011 16:38:52
Second progress kill in a week ! [1/13] heroic

After Killing Nefarian this week we immediately started on Halfus heroic, and with success! Congratulations to the participants who made this week very successful in general to the guild.


Posted by: Uramasi on: 20-02-2011 23:06:16
And were done! (Untill tomorrow when we continue heroic)

After a considerably short amount of tries Nefarian was downed in a very clean and orderly kill


Posted by: uramasi on: 16-02-2011 23:17:51
Al'Akir vs Chaos Theory

The fight itself was pretty chaotic, nontheless we downed him within 1.5hours.



Youtube had some problems with the original intro/soundtrack, so had to change them both. The soundtrack had actually to be picked out of a list generated by youtube self. Copyrights ftw.

Bingmang = Bingman obviously :P

And YES, I did catch that whirlwind on purpose!


Posted by: Zyva on: 28-01-2011 15:53:59
Al'akir goes byebye! [11/12]

And yet again a "clean kill" early on in the evening with only our deathknight tank up for the last ~100k health of the boss. This kill was recorded and will be posted hopefully on the forums soon. It was nice to down a boss early in the evening so we had time to clear a lot of farm content to proceed progress later on this week.


Posted by: uramasi on: 27-01-2011 00:30:01
Cho'gall bites the dust [10/12]

After yet again an entire night of <8% tries Cho'gall finally met his match while our raid pulled out all there strings to down him. A very very close call was the result and our new trials stood up to the rest just fine.

Posted by: uramasi on: 24-01-2011 23:25:27
Chimaeron down! [9/12]

After a couple of wipes we changed our tactics to a new taunting cycle. Which made this boss, let's just say, way too easy

Posted by: uramasi on: 19-01-2011 23:34:02
Some other kills we made lately

Valiona and Theralion

Halfus Wyrmbringer

We Killed him !

Posted by: Uramasi on: 19-01-2011 23:24:23
Council's demise 8/12

After the farm content was downed we continued harassing Council till even after five consecutive <3% wipes we showed them who's boss

Posted by: Uramasi on: 16-01-2011 23:19:04
Guild is up and running!

After Cataclysm released the guild has had a great start. with people hitting level 85 within the second day and raiding starting the next week. Our progress repeatedly proceeded most other guilds of the server. Proving our little local town group was up for the challenge.

While is lacking updating we are currently on the verge of starting the final encounters of this patch.

Nefarian, Cho'gall and Al'akir.... Be ready to meet your demise!

Posted by: uramasi on: 10-01-2011 19:21:15